10 Tips for boating with children and enjoying the experience

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With the end of the school season and the summer camps, the search for ideas to entertain children and enjoy them during the vacations arises. 

Given the wide range of activities that can be done as a family, both parents and children tend to opt for the beach, the sea and adventure. So why not take a boat trip with the family? 

Therefore, today we offer you a list of essential recommendations from the experts of Marinemax boats so that families with children can enjoy this summer of a pleasant and safe vacation at sea:

  1. Respect the weather

It is very important to go sailing in favorable weather. Therefore, it is essential to get information about the state of the sea and the weather forecast for those days.

  1. Lifejacket

Another aspect to consider when there are small children on a boat is to control at all times that they are correctly equipped with the life jacket at all times. 

In addition, it is important that there is always an adult watching their movements in dangerous areas of a boat such as stairs or deck to avoid falls or heavy blows.

  1. Adapting the beds

To sleep peacefully knowing that children sleep safely and cannot fall out of bed during the night, it is advisable to prepare the beds inside the boat by putting up special protective nets.

  1. Sun protection

In addition to the basic sun protection measures when going to the beach with children, such as putting on sunscreen, when sailing it is essential that children always wear a cap and that the boat has an awning. 

This way, parents can make sure that their children do not suffer from sunstroke, burns or other mishaps at sea. It is also highly recommended that they wear sunglasses, to protect them from radiation and sunshine in water, which can be very annoying and damage their eyes.

  1. Suitable footwear and swimwear

Comfortable, cool and non-slip shoes are essential when we go sailing. Don’t forget to bring swimming clothes for when you make a stop, and clothes that dry easily. It is also important to take a clean change of clothes.

  1. Sufficient crew

Not everyone has a great experience sailing on Marinemax boats and in addition to that, a person has to be entirely dedicated to the child. 

If you know how to sail well, it is necessary that at least two adults are on board. If you are not great experts in the field, it is better to go with more people.

  1. Remedies against sea sickness

Before you leave, don’t forget to go to your nearest pharmacy and ask about the best motion sickness remedies for children, and also for you. 

If they are dizzy, they won’t be able to enjoy the experience as they deserve, and if you are, you won’t be able to be as alert and take such good care of the safety of yours.

  1. Bring plenty of drinking water on board

Let’s remember that in the open sea you can’t access drinking water and besides, the sun, the heat and the physical exercise dehydrate us considerably. 

That’s why it’s advisable that before going out, we buy or refill many bottles of drinking water to have enough for the time our adventure on board lasts.

  1. Involve the children in the experience

To avoid our children getting bored at sea, it is very important that we make them participate in the experience 100%. Teaching them the basics of navigation, and even letting them take care of small tasks that do not involve a risk can turn this fun experience into something very enriching on Marinemax boats.

  1. Enjoy!

Finally, make the most of the good times the adventure of sailing together as a family offers. Enjoy the sea breeze, the sea, the tranquility, the games and all the funny anecdotes that may arise during the trip.